Friday, June 29, 2012

Wilmington to Springfield

Okay, wrote a whole entry about yesterday then blogger lost it. Lesson learned

Left Wilmington after breakfast at the Wilmington Family Diner where we met the owner. It’s the oldest diner in town and he’d owned it for 22 years. Originally from Montenegro he immigrated as a carpenter but couldn’t find work and ended up washing dishes, ultimately staying in the food trade. He’s ready to retire but is worried about the business because his children have no interest. A familiar story.

Then we met John sitting in front of an old gas station in Dwight. Amazing old business. Interesting man. But we’re learning, don’t talk politics!

In Pontiac we visited the museum and was introduced to the work of an artist who lived there named Bob Waldmire. He had two vehicles, the VW bus for driving around, his mobile information center, and the school bus he lived in. I love people who find their own way like this.

We ended the day in a motel in Springfield trying to escape the 104F weather. Both of us, the VW, and the sculpture are not liking the heat. Today we head for south of St. Louis and 108F degrees! 

Slushies while caught in the reflection off the sculpture.



Bob Walmire's bus

Pontiac Leader reporter

Wilmington Diner owner.

John at the Dwight gas station.

Truck on I55.

Route 66 running along side the interstate.