Sunday, September 16, 2012

The last days, Montreal to St. John's, Newfoundland.

Leaving Montreal.

Lots of rain the entire time.

Crossing the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.

Jessie reflected in the damaged side mirror.

Dancing on P.E.I.


North Sydney Harbour, waiting for the ferry to Newfoundland.

Singing at the Ferry terminal. Don't know why the flag.

On the ferry.

Starting the trek across Newfoundland.

One tire down.

This is the end! I think I was in shock.

The end of the line, St. John's Newfoundland.

My friends Catherine and Harold's place in Pouch Cove.

Jessie feels at home at last. It took 20,000k to find this place.

Bruce Barber in Halifax.

Nove Scotia College of Art.

Theodore Tugboat in the Halifax Harbour.

Nipigon to Ottawa, Ontario.

Wawa, Ontario. Did that goose land on us?

Lake Superior, best beach in the country!

Met up with our friend Mel in Ottawa and had a great afternoon. Then off to Montreal.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Nipigon, Ontario.

Saskatoon to Winnipeg

Saskatoon to just west of Winnipeg. July 30th. 

Something we saw a lot of, mobile homes being transported. Families on the move, everywhere we went.

A Damian Hirst forming on the grill. 

West of Winnipeg.