Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vegas to Barstow to Los Angeles

Vegas to Barstow was desert. Hot, hot, 128F desert. That's all!

Barstow to LA was great. Started with the Bottle Tree Ranch and ended at Santa Monica Pier. As we dropped from 4000m feet to sea level the temperature also dropped. It was cloudy and cool and very nice. The camp site is in Malibu over looking to ocean. The first day in LA we hung out with our friend Adam Normandin and saw some art. Today more looking around and tomorrow we're heading north to Canada.


Bottle Tree Ranch

The end of Route 66!

Malibu Camp Site.

Jessie and Adam

Chris Burden's Metropolis 2

Michael Hiezer's big rock.

Williams to Vegas

Today we hit the Mojave Desert in it's most extreme. The signs said it was 118F in Vegas but everybody told us it was actually 125F. Unbelievable heat that almost did in the VW. It needed care and had to go into a shop for a little fuel system work. We camped in the KOA at Circus Circus where we encounters an aggressive population of cockroaches and had probably the worst nights sleep. The heat never let up. The Vegas Strip was what you would expect. Lots of people, lots of spectacle. 

But the treat was meeting Juanita Delgadillo, the guardian angel of Route 66. He had the idea of making the Route an historic site. It was a pleasure to meet this person.

Flagstaff to Williams

Today we took a side trip up to the Grand Canyon. It seemed like a good idea not to miss it since we were in the area. It was a brutal drive up hill for the poor VW but it managed. Apart from Monument Valley it was probably the most touristy thing we've done. It was busy.

Chambers to Flagstaff

Todays trip took us through the Painted Desert, The Petrified Forest, and no to Flagstaff, which was surprisingly cold.

Painted Desert

A small twister spotted on the way.