What is Seed Engine?

Seed Engine is an experience machine. It generates itself into its own future. As it goes, it brings everything it encounters into the future with it, recording each moment, collecting data. Like a kaleidoscopic collection of fragments, the video gathered is a document, evidence, it happened this way, on this day, at this exact location.

Four video cameras aimed directly at the mirrored surface of a form, resting on a trailer, hauled by a vehicle down the two defining highways of North America. The cameras run all the time the object is in motion. Four points of view, each capturing a slightly different perspective on the narrative of the event as it happens. These will be a part of how the story will be told; the seeds have been sown, the narrative begins to grow.

We make things, then we move those things around. It's like each time something comes to rest it's actually waiting to be moved somewhere else. Earlier I made performances and toured around the world. I moved myself, and the stuff I used. I grew up in trailer parks, or nomadic communities. My father was a long haul trucker. The first art object I made was a custom race car. My current work is informed by this inherent movement, of both things, people, and meaning. Two years ago I rode my bike from Vancouver to Montreal in 30 days, over 160 k (100 miles) each day. I was alone. Everything was moving, fast - I was moving very slowly in comparison. It was a moment of clarity, we are defined by movement, so why do we insist on the futility of permanence, and forever.