Friday, July 6, 2012

Amarillo, Texas, to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Started the day with Cadilac Ranch just outside of Amarillo. A piece of American art that is a touch point for a specific moment in art history. Check it out

We had brunch ar the Mid Point cafe which is exactly the half way point down Route 66. From there we headed into New Mexico and ended up staying in Santa Fe where we had a great dinner at Tortilla Flats.

It said, Do Not Touch!

Mid Point Cafe

Glenrio, on the border of New Mexico. 

Love these blown out tires. 

Jessie like the domestic beast population.

New Mexico.

And we hit rain for the first time.


Tortilla Flats.

Foss, Texas, to Amarillo

Heading to Texas. This was a great day. We met up with Harley and Annabelle in Erick, Oklahoma. Harley sang a a song for us and, well, he did hug Jessie rather tightly. Amazing people. Originals. I love meeting people like this. We also found a great stretch of the Old Road. We ended the day in Amarillo and the 4th of July fireworks.

Starting the day at a truck stop.

Old Road.

Harley and Annabelle's piece of paradise.

Waiting for the fireworks in Amarillo. Jessie wearing her American flag t-shirt with the wolf on it.

Claremore to Foss.

This was a long and hard 12 hour day. After losing time in Springfield we wanted to get back onto our schedule so we can spend time in places that interest us most, and have time to find new things. It was hot, dry, and long. Still did some pinhole images though and ended up in a camp in Foss right along the Interstate.

Pony Truss bridge over the Canadian River.

Lots of Mother Road surface. 

POPS. They boasted 600 different flavours of sodas.

The full moon with a truck going by on the Interstate.

Springfield, Missouri to Claremore, Oklahoma.

Left Springfiled Missouri today after a very long visit to the VW dealer. They'd never seen a Westfalia before. And did not have what was needed to do the oil change so after a two and a half hour wait we left with new oil and a substandard filter once again. But Henry seems happy enough. We made it to an RV park and casino, which was unusual. Actually gambled! Never did that before. I couldn't actually figure out what the machines taking my money were up to and had no idea what happened when I seemed to win. Strange place and it was Mens Night so they had a kind of American Idol thing going on with all these cowboys singing.

The VW dealer. 

Lots of this. And watching for the Route 66 sign has been a constant. It's very difficult following the old road and I figure we average about 40k an hour.

Jessie thinks we should be travelling int his.

Hup Mobile!

Family from London Ontario.

The casino camp, or the Ascension of Henry.

A winner!