Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pontiac, Illinois, The Pontiac Daily Leader.

Story in the Pontiac Daily Leader!

Ladybug Campsite, Cuba, Missouri

Yesterday was brutally hot. 108F/42.2C. And travelling the Mother Road takes a long, long, time. We seem to average about 50k and hour. It winds in and out of all the little towns, and the road is rough in spots. It’s not the Interstate, which runs along side the old road a lot of the way. The van was not happy. The oil light kept coming on a lot, especially toward the end of the day. But some time on line has found that it’s a common problem. Everything appears okay so I can only assume it’s a faulty warning switch. I’m hoping to get it into a garage in Springfield, Missouri, on Monday morning to have it checked.

We ended the day and a great little campsite called Ladybug in Cube, Missouri. 10$ a night, power, water, great showers, a store, wi-fi, and a pool. You can’t beat that. So we’re staying an extra day so everything can get a rest. Tomorrow I’m trying to convince Jessie we should leave around 5am and travel in the cooler morning. It’s the only way. I’ve been told it’s the worst drought anyone can remember, and no rain in sight. And it’s only going to get hotter as we head southwest into the desert states.

I’m taking pinhole pictures, but there’s no way of knowing if they’ll even turn out. My success rate is not high. So I’ll take a lot with the hopes of at least getting something. I will try to develop some film in LA and see how they’ve worked. I hope I get something from Route 66. The gps images are turning out well. I think they’ll end up being an interesting series. Jessie’s been doing some old polaroids, but the film is old and pretty faded. Interesting images though.

Also I’ve started taking pictures of people in the reflection on the object. I didn’t know I’d do that when I started. But so many people come up and ask what the sculpture is that it just started happening. Some people I get their names, and others I don’t. But with each there’s a conversation.

Today we’ll visit a couple local attractions, like the worlds largest rocking chair, but mostly we’ll be taking it easy. 

Parked along the old road. There are places where the old part of 66 still is seen along side the road you're travelling on. You can't drive on it but it's there. 

Taking a pinhole camera picture.


Flying J Truck Stop, Mitchell, Illinois.